Is Cheap Web Hosting for Me?

The answer is most likely yes! Low Cost Web Hosting is now available for your small business or personal website. Web Hosting Plans start at under $5 and even the Cheapest Web Hosting package is packed with more features than the average user will need. We review & select the Best Web Hosting Deals from reliable Internet hosting companies.

We recommend that you don’t just choose the cheapest web host that you can find. You may not be satisfied with their reliability, support or service. The hosting companies displayed here were carefully selected for featuring low cost web hosting packages and providing reliable service & support for your new web site.

Why Cheap Hosting?

The fact is that over 95% of all web sites don’t need expensive web hosting packages. Determine your individual hosting needs and compare these low cost hosting plans. Most likely you’ll be satisfied with the included features & benefits for the discounted budget friendly price.

Discount Web Hosting Plans

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TIP – Multiple Domain Web Hosting:

Many web hosting companies allow you to host multiple domains on one account. You can save money by combining several websites into one low cost hosting account. This site is hosted on a money saving multiple domain web hosting plan.

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Google, Bing and Yahoo use domain registration length in their search algorithms to help prevent scam sites from showing up in search results. Register your domain for multiple years and get better search rankings for your low cost web site. You’ll also save money by locking in the discounted domain price.

Thinking About Becoming a Web Hosting Reseller?

It seems as though today everyone wants to work over the Internet. There is an abundance of Internet-based jobs for you to choose from, such as data entry jobs, online writing jobs, online marketing jobs, and so on. All of these online jobs offer you great perks – including your own work hours and the ability to work from the comfort of your own home – and they also offer you a chance to earn a decent living as long as you are committed to and serious enough about what you do. One of these great career opportunities offered to you online is becoming a web hosting reseller. If you have thought about opening your own web hosting reseller business, or even if you have heard about this for the first time here and now, do keep reading in order to find out more about this.


Think About the Name of Your Company


So, we are going to pretend that you have already decided to open your own web hosting reseller business and that you have done all the research related to what you need for this task in terms of paperwork and rules and regulations in general. After doing this, the first thing you should think about is the name of your future company. Without a catchy and easy-to-remember name, you stand little or no chance of succeeding. With a great name, people will be more likely to remember your company, as well as to recommend it to others. Also, make sure you create a professional website for your company, as you can never be a serious web hosting reseller with a mediocre website.


Think About the Money You’ll Have to Invest in This Endeavor


As with any other type of business, becoming a web hosting reseller will require you to invest some money. The good news is that you will probably not have to invest too much money into this, providing that you are willing to learn to do a lot of things yourself and without hiring anyone else. So, in order to get an idea on how much money you will need, it is best for you to do some research regarding the possible web hosting companies you will do business with. Choose a company that seems fair, read the fine print in their Terms & Conditions papers, and just go with your guts. It is a great idea to host your website with this company, as this will give you a chance to see how they operate first-hand.


Marketing and Attracting Customers


The last step of this endeavor is to market your company in a way that will bring you customers quickly. The sooner you have people choosing your company, the better your chances of long-term success are. A few quick tips: always be honest with your potential customers and tell them that you are a reseller; use SEO in order to raise online awareness of your website; provide your customers with affordable prices; try to earn less on each customer but attract as many customers as you can. By following these tips, you will surely become a successful web hosting reseller.



Free Website Hosting – A Good Idea?

If you are interested in creating a website and hosting it for free, you will be surprised and delighted to know that you will indeed be able to do this at no cost whatsoever. Yes, you will be able to find a web host that will offer you a chance to feature your website on the World Wide Web for free, and even get a pretty high level of services. Now, even though many people will wonder why anyone would want to save money on something like web hosting, the fact is that there are a lot of people who would like to have a website of their own but simply cannot afford it. Then again, there are also people who would like to have a website, but are basically not sure whether their investment in web hosting would be a wise one. Well, read on to find out more about hosting your website for free.


Free Web Hosting Is Really Free!


For one, you should try to get your head around the fact that free web hosting really is free of charge! There are web hosts that will offer you their services for free, and this will result in you owning a website that is visible in search engines with absolutely no money at all invested. However, most of these free web hosts will fund their services through placing their own ads on your web pages. While some of them will also let you place your own ads, most of them will not do this. However, when placing your own ads, you will probably be the owner of only a percent of the revenue earnings, be it a large or a small percent of it. Nevertheless, this is still free, and you should remember that not many things in life come for free like this!


Testing the Waters


One of the best and most important advantages of free web hosting is the fact that you can use it to test the waters and see whether swimming in the vast online sea is your thing. Namely, you could have a great idea, but at the same time be a realist and realize that it could also be a not do great idea. Well, with free web hosting you have nothing to lose. You can create your own website, and host it completely free of charge. After this, you will be able to determine if your website has any chances of success, thus knowing whether it is viable to invest some money in your idea.




There is always a however, and this is the truth. Well, the truth about free website hosting is the following. If you want to have a professional website, if you want your visitors to have a great experience while using your website, and if you want to really earn some money from your website, you will simply have to give up the idea of free web hosting and decide to invest some money into your own domain name and a paid web hosting company.



Should You Consider Google Web Hosting?

Many people have decided to use Google as their web hosting company, and this is a hard fact. However, it is also a sad truth that so many people have decided to go for Google’s free web hosting plans, and we will here talk about why this is not a good idea at all. While free web hosting might at times be a good idea to start your website and ‘feel the waters’, Google web hosting is one of the worst decisions you can make as a newbie webmaster. Sure, you might think that a corporation such as Google is bound to provide you with great services, but in reality they will do everything but this. After all, would you choose to buy Facebook’s tennis shoes if they started making them just because they are called Facebook, or would you go for your favorite tennis shoe manufacturer with a proven track record in making great tennis shoes?


Reasons You Should Avoid Google’s Free Web Hosting Plans


There are a lot of reasons why you are strongly advised to stay away from any free web hosting plans, and Google seems to be very high on the ‘must-not’ list. So, here are some of the main reasons why you should avoid Google as a web hosting company:


  • No control – Much like any other free web host, Google will let you have absolutely no control over ‘your’ website. We say ‘your’ because it is not at all yours, it is Google’s, and everything you put there basically belongs to Google. Only when you create your own website and pay a web hosting company to host it can you say that the website is truly yours.
  • Uptime – Sure, you will probably find your free website ‘up’ most of the time, but the problem is that Google will give you no guarantees. They don’t have to since you never paid them to guarantee you anything. So, be prepared to see your site ‘down’ for no apparent reasons and with no prior warnings.
  • Domain names – This is very interesting, as Google will actually tell you that you will have your own domain name. No, you will have a sub domain name, and this is probably the worst thing you can do when you want to have a professional-looking website.
  • Speed and disk space – First of all, Google will not guarantee that your site will load quickly enough, and this will almost always result in your visitors leaving before they even get a chance to see your masterpiece. Also, you will get a very limited amount of disk space, which means that running a blog of any kind is practically impossible with Google’s free web hosting.


So, What Should You Do?


Come in, the water is fine! Do not be afraid to experiment and to invest some money in your website. Believe in your idea, and don’t be a cheapskate! You can get cheap website hosting for just a few bucks a month, and you can get a .com domain name for another ten or fifteen bucks a year. If this is not something you are prepared to invest in your online endeavor, then you are probably not cut out to be a successful website owner.



Why You Should Choose Affordable Website Hosting and Not Free Website Hosting

Many newbies in the world of creating websites and publishing them will tell you that they actually have no idea that there are a few different options to choose from when it comes to web hosting services. Even though they probably know what web hosting is and what a web hosting company will do for them, the chances are high they have no idea on how much money they should spend on their web host, if any. Here, we will cover the differences between the companies that offer affordable web hosting and free web hosting, as well as explain why you should always go for the web hosting company that will charge you for their services.

The Main Difference Between Cheap and Free Web Hosting

Obviously, you can see the main difference without anyone telling you, right? Namely, free web hosting is basically the same as any other type of web hosting, with the most important difference of not requiring you to pay any money in order for your website to be hosted. On the other hand, companies that offer cheap web hosting will give you the same services, and charge you something for these services. So, why would anyone in their right mind want to pay for a service that can come for free? Well, there are actually very good reasons why you should pay for someone to host your website rather than go for the free alternative.

The Most Important Reasons for Parting with Your Money

Here are the most important reasons why cheap website hosting is always better than free website hosting:

  1. For one, free website hosting can never offer you reliability. With free web hosts, you can never be sure that your site will be up all the time, and they most commonly reserve the right to take it down without even letting you know.
  2. Also, your data can never be safe online if you choose to save money on website hosting. Namely, you CAN save money on website hosting by choosing to go for an affordable website hosting company instead of one that will not charge you for their services at all.
  3. Making money online is in most cases not even possible with free web hosts, meaning that they will be the ones who will place ads on your web pages, as well as the ones who will enjoy the earnings from these ads. Even if they have some kind of revenue sharing scheme, it is safe to say that you will have no or minimal power over placement and the choice of ads to display.

The Obvious Thing to Do? Choose Affordable Website Hosting!

If you want your website to look professionally, and if you want to have a chance to make some real money through it, you will have to choose cheap website hosting. With the fierce competition today, you can host your website for as little as just a few bucks a month – something that was never before possible.



What Exactly Is Web Hosting?

The Internet can today be accessed from almost anywhere we go, and from a plethora of different mobile devices. So, we basically have the ability to use the Internet on the go, and we can do Internet searches from our cell phones, laptops, tablet PC’s, MP3 players, and even our wristwatches. Now, the question is what does web hosting have with all of this? Well, it is simple really – if it weren’t for web hosting companies, we wouldn’t be able to access any of our favorite websites. Web hosts basically make sure that all the websites on the Internet get there, and stay there.

The Definition of Web Hosting

If you were to use the Internet in order to find a definition of web hosting, you would probably be faced with a number of different definitions on the topic. They would all be explaining the same thing, but they would have another thing in common. Namely, most of them would be hard to understand for anyone who is not an advanced Internet user and/or a computer expert. So, without any further ado, here will be explained what web hosting is in layman’s terms.

Web Hosting in Layman’s Terms

Imagine that you have decided to build a website for yourself. This website can be a personal website, or a website that will be representing your business. Either way, you will have to get this website on the Internet, as it is pretty much useless sitting on your hard disk. Well, in order to do this, you will have to find a web hosting company that will provide you with server space. A server is a computer that will make your site a part of the Internet, and it will remain online as long as you keep paying your web host to keep it there. All of this seems pretty easy to understand when said in simple words, right?

Free Web Hosting

As with anything else, you are probably interested in finding out whether you will have to part with your money in order for your website to see the light of the online day. Even though you also probably want to hear a simple yes/no answer, unfortunately there isn’t one. The reason why there isn’t a simple answer to this question is the fact that there is such a thing as free web hosting, and you can choose to use these services to publish your website online. However, if you want to make any money from your website, or if you want to make a serious and professional website which will represent your business in the best possible light, then free web hosting is out of the question for you. If this is the case, you will have to find a good web hosting company that will offer you professional services, as well as enough server space.

Read this post:


So, after you have read this, you can be sure that web hosting is never again a blurry subject for you, as you have finally learned what web hosting exactly is.



The Advantages of Reseller Website Hosting

The Advantages of Reseller Website Hosting

If you are an inexperienced webmaster, you have probably been doing a lot of research related to website hosting companies and plans. There are a lot of different types of web hosting, including but not limited to dedicated hosting, shared hosting, free hosting, grid hosting, cloud hosting, and reseller website hosting. All of these different kinds of website hosting have their respective advantages and disadvantages, and each and every one of them will have someone who is interested in choosing it. However, it seems that the most prevalent type of web hosting today is reseller website hosting, and we will here cover the main reasons why it is so.

What Exactly Is Reseller Web Hosting?

To put it simply, reseller web hosting is a type of web hosting in which the customers become the web hosts themselves. What this means is that anyone who has enough knowledge, time, and determination can become a reseller web host. All they have to do is buy enough disk space and bandwidth from a web host, and start distributing this among other webmasters. It is a fact that most of the web hosts you will come across today are actually reseller web hosts, and even though many people have hesitations to go into business with them, there are no realistic reasons for this.

Price and Availability as the Two Most Important Reasons for Choosing Reseller Web Hosting

First of all, it is probably easy to conclude that these reseller web hosts will often be able to offer you great deals on hosting your website, and this is something that is considered to be the greatest perk that comes with choosing reseller web hosting. For example, if you have a relatively small website for your own personal purposes and still want to go for a paid web hosting plan, it is a much better idea to find a reseller web host than to go to a large web hosting company. The reseller host will offer you just enough server space and bandwidth, and they will also charge you accordingly.

On the other hand, when it comes to availability and ease of use, it is safe to say that for inexperienced webmasters, reseller web hosting services are the best choice they can make. Namely, the reseller host will have more time to invest in the relationship between him/her and the clients, which means that you, as a client, will get high-quality services and full attention from your web host at a lower price than going to a large web hosting company. These reseller web hosts are available to you wherever you might live, so there is no need to worry about whether you will be able to find a reseller web host for yourself or not.


All things considered, it can be concluded that reseller web hosting is a very good choice to make for most webmasters out there today. These web hosts are affordable; they are committed to providing you with great services; and they can be easily found no matter where you live.



Basic Info on Video Web Hosting

Basic Info on Video Web Hosting

If you were to ask random Internet users what their favorite activity for having fun is, a vast majority of them would tell you that this is watching videos. When you visit your friends’ Facebook pages, you will probably see a few videos shared by them for all of their friends to see; whatever keywords you use in Google’s search bar, a few videos from YouTube are bound to show up on the first page of results; more and more websites are trying to get the visitors’ attention by showing them videos as soon as the web pages loads, and so on. What does this all mean? Well, it means that video web hosting has today become more important than it has ever been before, simply because there is great potential in this type of web hosting.

The Potential behind Video Web Hosting Explained

While it used to be that text ads were the best type of online advertisement, it is clear today that people respond much better to video ads. Much like anything else in the world, Internet advertising is changing as time goes by, and it has now reached a stage where videos are one of the hottest online marketing tools – if not the absolute best and most effective online marketing tool you can decide to use. Why is this so? Because it has been proven that people are basically lazy, and that they would rather ‘do’ some passive stuff such as listening and viewing, than they would actually read an ad they come across while browsing the Internet.

So, what is Video Web Hosting?

Video web hosting is a type of web hosting that is dedicated to hosting video content. Basically, if you want to build a website that will feature video content, you will have to find a video web host to host your website online, i.e. give you enough bandwidth so that you can upload your videos and let the website visitors view them without any problems.

Free or Paid Video Web Hosting – Which Should You Go For?

There are indeed two options to choose from when it comes to video web hosting, and these two options include free and paid services. Depending on your requirements, you can make use of both of these options available to you. If you want to upload your videos for free, you can create an account on a website such as YouTube, and you will be provided with the option of uploading your videos. However, this type of video web hosting will bring a lot of restrictions, and if you want to be ‘your own boss’ so to speak, it is a much better idea to go for the type of video web hosting where you will have to pay a fee to the web host in order for your videos to be uploaded and viewed by Internet users.

The Future of Online Marketing

It has been said that the future of online marketing are videos. So, if you do not want to be the last to arrive at the party, you better think about this right away!


Cheap Video Hosting Providers






Cheap Web Hosts by State

Hosting 1 provides lists of Cheap Web Hosting Providers by state. Please select your state from the following list to review available Low Cost Hosting Offers in your local area.

Discount Hosting by state:

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We will update this post as we find web hosts in various states.


Want Free Web Hosting? My Expensive Mistake

The promise of free web hosting sounds great, after all it’s FREE isn’t it?

Free web hosting may sound like the best thing since sliced bread, but let me assure you that it may well cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

How can that be, you ask, It doesn’t cost me a dime to host a site with my Internet provider or a free online host.

This may be true, but let me tell you a little horror story that happened to me that rivals “A Nightmare on Elm Street”.

I started an affiliate marketing website in 1999. Free Internet services such as NetZero, Juno and were spending millions on advertising and there was easy money to be made.

My ISP at the time was AT&T, and they offered free web hosting, even for Internet business sites. I was naive, and free sounded real good to me.


As my money making site grew I wanted to add a PHP coded feedback form and a simple MySQL database.

OOPS, my free web host didn’t support those features. Oh well there are always time consuming and sometimes expensive alternatives.


Most free hosts won’t let you transfer a purchased domain name. Instead of being “” you’ll get “”.

That makes no difference, you say, I’m just going to submit my site to 10,000 search engines and I’ll get traffic when someone clicks, no one is going to type in my domain anyway.

Again this is true, as my site became popular, incoming links grew into the thousands, as did the visitor traffic. My site appeared on the first page of Google results for many very lucrative search terms, and was generating thousands of dollars in revenue every month.

Making thousands from a free web site, how can you complain? Please read on…


My jaw almost hit the floor when I received an email stating:

“AT&T will no longer support AT&T Worldnet Service Personal Web Pages (PWP) as of March 15, 2010.”

How could they do this? Millions of people had personal & business web sites on Worldnet. Let me assure you, They can and they did.

I could just transfer my cash cow domain to a new host, I thought for a split second.

OOPS, I don’t own the domain! AT&T does.

I could do a permanent server-side 301 redirect to a new host, saving my thousands of valuable search listings.

OOPS, My free server won’t allow me to access the server-side code.


If you’re going to put the considerable time and effort required to create a website for personal or business use, Please learn something from my $50,000 a year mistake.

  • Purchase Your Domain Name (About $10 a year)
  • Pay For Full-Featured Hosting (Less than $10 a month)
  • Nothing is REALLY FREE!

I currently recommend Cheap Web Hosting from several reliable web hosting companies that I describe on my popular web host comparison site: