Buy Domain Name

Should I Buy A Domain Name?

The answer is most likely yes! Domain names are cheap and many good domains are available for your small business or personal website. Discount domain names start at under $10 and when combined with a Cheap Web Hosting package your business or personal website will have a professional presence on the web.

How to Buy a Domain

First make a list of possible names. Short easy to remember names are best but also more likely to be taken or expensive to buy from the domain owner. One word domain names are expensive and most have already been registered. If using more than one word it is preferable not to use hyphens, such as “” is preferable to “”. The reason is that most people will not remember the hyphen when typing the domain name directly into a browser.

Common TLD Extensions

The most common domain extension is the .com however there are many other options such as .net, .org and the newer .co, .us, .info, .biz and many more.

Naturally the .com TLD is preferred if it is available do to it’s commonly known popularity. If the domain name that you really want is taken in the .com form, you can always choose one of the other domain extensions.

Reputable Domain Name Registrars

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Be sure to choose a ICANN approved registrar. There are many, but GoDaddy is probably the most well known. GoDaddy provides a domain name search and offers discount domain names when you purchase a quantity.

NameCheap is also a good choice for discount domain registration.

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Google, Bing and Yahoo use domain registration length in their search algorithms to help prevent scam sites from showing up in search results. Register your domain for multiple years and get better search rankings for your low cost web site. You’ll also save money by locking in the discounted domain price.

TIP – Multiple Domain Web Hosting:

Many cheap web hosting companies allow you to host multiple domains on one account. You can save money by combining several websites into one low cost hosting account. This site is hosted on a money saving multiple domain web hosting plan.