Free Website Hosting – A Good Idea?

If you are interested in creating a website and hosting it for free, you will be surprised and delighted to know that you will indeed be able to do this at no cost whatsoever. Yes, you will be able to find a web host that will offer you a chance to feature your website on the World Wide Web for free, and even get a pretty high level of services. Now, even though many people will wonder why anyone would want to save money on something like web hosting, the fact is that there are a lot of people who would like to have a website of their own but simply cannot afford it. Then again, there are also people who would like to have a website, but are basically not sure whether their investment in web hosting would be a wise one. Well, read on to find out more about hosting your website for free.


Free Web Hosting Is Really Free!


For one, you should try to get your head around the fact that free web hosting really is free of charge! There are web hosts that will offer you their services for free, and this will result in you owning a website that is visible in search engines with absolutely no money at all invested. However, most of these free web hosts will fund their services through placing their own ads on your web pages. While some of them will also let you place your own ads, most of them will not do this. However, when placing your own ads, you will probably be the owner of only a percent of the revenue earnings, be it a large or a small percent of it. Nevertheless, this is still free, and you should remember that not many things in life come for free like this!


Testing the Waters


One of the best and most important advantages of free web hosting is the fact that you can use it to test the waters and see whether swimming in the vast online sea is your thing. Namely, you could have a great idea, but at the same time be a realist and realize that it could also be a not do great idea. Well, with free web hosting you have nothing to lose. You can create your own website, and host it completely free of charge. After this, you will be able to determine if your website has any chances of success, thus knowing whether it is viable to invest some money in your idea.




There is always a however, and this is the truth. Well, the truth about free website hosting is the following. If you want to have a professional website, if you want your visitors to have a great experience while using your website, and if you want to really earn some money from your website, you will simply have to give up the idea of free web hosting and decide to invest some money into your own domain name and a paid web hosting company.


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