Moving Web Site

Can I Move My Web Site?

The answer is yes! If you are not happy with the service or pricing of your current web hosting provider, then it is easy to change hosts. Many people have had their web hosting provider for years and tolerate poor service, downtime, and increased hosting fees because they think that it is too hard to change hosts or that their search rankings will disappear. Cheap Web Hosting packages are easy to find and switching is a relatively easy process.

How to Change Web Hosts

First set up your new hosting account. Copy all of your existing content to the new web host. You want to have two sites set up that look and function exactly the same before changing the nameservers that your domain name points to. You can access the new site by it’s IP address or temporary name that the hosting company provides.

Switch DNS

Once you are satisfied that everything works properly on the new web host then go to your domain name manager and switch the DNS settings to point to the nameservers on the new web host.

Don’t cancel your old hosting account for a few days, to allow time for the new DNS settings to propagate throughout the Internet. Once everything is up and running and all of the new traffic is landing on the new host, then you can cancel your old hosting plan

Changing Web Hosts Video

Here is an excellent video by Matt Cutts of Google that demonstrates the process of switching web hosts.

Here is a link to more information from Google on retaining your search rank when changing hosting providers.

Good luck with your new web service provider, and remember once you know how easy it is to switch hosting providers it empowers you when you call them to complain or try and negotiate a better web hosting price.


Google, Bing and Yahoo use domain registration length in their search algorithms to help prevent scam sites from showing up in search results. Register your domain for multiple years and get better search rankings for your low cost web site. You’ll also save money by locking in the discounted domain price.

TIP – Multiple Domain Web Hosting:

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