What Exactly Is Web Hosting?

The Internet can today be accessed from almost anywhere we go, and from a plethora of different mobile devices. So, we basically have the ability to use the Internet on the go, and we can do Internet searches from our cell phones, laptops, tablet PC’s, MP3 players, and even our wristwatches. Now, the question is what does web hosting have with all of this? Well, it is simple really – if it weren’t for web hosting companies, we wouldn’t be able to access any of our favorite websites. Web hosts basically make sure that all the websites on the Internet get there, and stay there.

The Definition of Web Hosting

If you were to use the Internet in order to find a definition of web hosting, you would probably be faced with a number of different definitions on the topic. They would all be explaining the same thing, but they would have another thing in common. Namely, most of them would be hard to understand for anyone who is not an advanced Internet user and/or a computer expert. So, without any further ado, here will be explained what web hosting is in layman’s terms.

Web Hosting in Layman’s Terms

Imagine that you have decided to build a website for yourself. This website can be a personal website, or a website that will be representing your business. Either way, you will have to get this website on the Internet, as it is pretty much useless sitting on your hard disk. Well, in order to do this, you will have to find a web hosting company that will provide you with server space. A server is a computer that will make your site a part of the Internet, and it will remain online as long as you keep paying your web host to keep it there. All of this seems pretty easy to understand when said in simple words, right?

Free Web Hosting

As with anything else, you are probably interested in finding out whether you will have to part with your money in order for your website to see the light of the online day. Even though you also probably want to hear a simple yes/no answer, unfortunately there isn’t one. The reason why there isn’t a simple answer to this question is the fact that there is such a thing as free web hosting, and you can choose to use these services to publish your website online. However, if you want to make any money from your website, or if you want to make a serious and professional website which will represent your business in the best possible light, then free web hosting is out of the question for you. If this is the case, you will have to find a good web hosting company that will offer you professional services, as well as enough server space.

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So, after you have read this, you can be sure that web hosting is never again a blurry subject for you, as you have finally learned what web hosting exactly is.


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